What time of Year Should I Use Mobile or Self-Storage?

Any time of the year is appropriate to use self-storage or mobile storage. It all comes down to when you prefer to use it. It could always happen when you randomly need storage because of certain situations and that’s fine. Pack and Store is here to help you any time of the year. Pack and Store partners with All Canadian Self-Storage, offering two different services. If you are considering self-storage in the winter time just remember this; ACSS offers indoor storage keeping you warm and toasty while moving your belongings from a truck to your unit. Pack and Store offers mobile containers that get dropped off at your residence for you or your bulky son to move your belongings from your house to your drive way, very fast and easy. The convenience of being able to store your belongings without being stuck out side for a long period of time is a great benefit in the spring time where the rain showers are nonstop. When using mobile storage you are able to keep the container on your lot or have it brought to our warehouse. If you are interested in having your container stay at your home but you are worried about having your belongings stuck outside during the winter and spring time, think about using mobile storage in the fall or summer time. The weather is very comfortable making moving that more efficient and quick. This goes for self-storage as well; during the fall and summer time the weather is a lot cooler and you are reducing the chance of your moving date landing on a weather warning.
Remember, Pack and Store mobile containers have weather proof covers keeping your belongings safe and dry even in the spring and winter months.
Whenever the time of year you want to use self-storage or mobile storage our customer service representatives are here to answer any questions you may have. We are here year round!

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