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Browse our collection of storage frequently asked questions. Find answers to your portable self storage questions. If we have not already answered your question visit our contact us page and ask us there.

  1. How does payment work?
  2. How much are the delivery fees?
  3. How much does a Pack and Store mobile unit cost?
  4. If I buy a container, how long will delivery take from the time of order?
  5. How do I know my belongings will be safe?
  6. Will my belongings shift when you move them?
  7. Are your facilities heated?
  8. May I use my own lock?
  9. Can Pack and Store arrange moving to other cities?
  10. May I use Pack and Store to move?
  11. Can Pack and Store pack for me and load my containers?
  12. Is Pack and Store more convenient than a rental truck or moving service?
  13. Where will Pack & Store place the container(s) on delivery?
  14. Do I need to be home when you drop off my storage container?
  15. How much time do I have to load my container(s)?
  16. What if I need access to my container(s)?
  17. How large is a portable storage container? How many will I need?
  18. Are my belongings insured when they are stored in the containers?
  19. Is there anything that I cannot pack in the container?
  20. How much notice is needed for delivery of a rental container?
  21. Are the containers clean?
  22. Is there any site preparation necessary?
  23. I live in an apartment. Can I use your mobile service?
  24. How much space is required for delivery?
  25. How is the container delivered?
  26. Are the containers weatherproof?
  27. What are the containers constructed of?
  28. Is it okay to place my storage unit on the street?
  29. How is Pack and Store more convenient than a typical self-storage facility?
  30. I do not require long-term storage - Can I still use Pack and Store?
  31. Is there a minimum time period for container rental?


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