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Thank you for choosing  PACK AND STORE™. To make your storage project as effortless and efficient as possible, we have prepared these helpful hints. A few minutes spent planning now will make it easier to retrieve stored items when they are needed, and will safeguard against damage or breakage.


Preparing to Pack

  • Depending on what you plan to store, you may need corrugated boxes, ‘easy crates,’ wrapping paper, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, mirror boxes, covers for furniture and mattresses, and special boxes for breakables (glass packs, dish packs, etc.). You will need quality sealing tape (masking or cellophane tape are not strong enough), a marker for labeling contents, and a sheet of paper for listing inventory and location.  Free box (room identification) labels are available from Pack and Store™.
  • Pack and Store™ offers a large selection of all the above.  Please call for delivery details.
  • Pack and Store™ offers room labels for boxes free of charge!



  • Disassemble furniture if possible and cover with padding.
  • Pack books and papers in small boxes to control weight.
  • Use properly sized boxes to make moving easier.
  • Protect items with paper or padding material.
  • Fill boxes completely to reduce shifting in transit.
  • Pack breakables in dish-pack or glassware boxes for greatest protection. Wrap each piece separately. If packing breakables in regular boxes, stack dishes on their sides and glassware upright. Place heavy items at the bottom of boxes holding breakables.
  • Wrap mirrors and pictures in clean paper and pack into mirror boxes. Do not lay flat.
  • Pack clothing in wardrobe boxes if possible.
  • Thoroughly clean and drain appliances before storing. Tape down moving parts. When storing a refrigerator or freezer, sprinkle baking soda over flat surfaces and leave the door ajar.
  • When storing tools and bicycles, clean and wipe lightly with oil for added rust protection. Cover with plastic or paper pads to protect other items from staining.
  • Securely close all boxes and label with contents.


Filling your Pack and Store™ Container

  • Load heavy items at the bottom with smaller items on top.
  • Place items you may need in front of the container.
  • Distribute weight evenly in the container.
  • Store large or bulky items at the center of the container.
  • Most sofas can be stood on end to make the best use of space.  Use a cover.
  • Mattresses and box springs should be stored in protective bags.
  • Do not load more than 3,000 pounds in your Pack and Store™ container. note that household goods will not exceed the weight limit. if you are packing a large number of books and/or papers, please speak to one of the staff.
  • List stored items, with location, in the inventory list. Update as items are removed or added.


Safety Precautions

  • When lifting heavy boxes, bend at the knees instead of waist, grip box firmly and hold it close to your body.
  • Do not store flammables, or hazardous materials.
  • Do not remove cover from container.
  • Do not let children or animals play in, on or around container.
  • When not packing, lock the door with your padlock and close the weather-resistant cover.


When you finish packing, call Pack and Store™ to have the container picked up and stored.


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