Camping Season is Upon Us!!

The time is almost here! What time you may ask? Well, it’s almost time for CAMPING season! Every year, some friends and I organize a camping trip for the May long weekend. What better way to welcome the warmer temperatures and the summer months than spending it outdoors for the first long weekend of the summer.

Camping may not be everyones favorite outdoor activity, but it sure is mine. Spending the weekend outdoors with no electricity or hot water; just you, your camping equipment, and the wilderness.

Here are some important tips to enjoy the most out of your camping trip:

1. Familiarize yourself with what the poisonous plants look like:

  • Poison Oak

  • Poison Ivy

2.  Add bundles of sage or sprinkle sage flakes  to a campfire to keep mosquitoes away

3.  Plan your meals ahead of time – this will ensure that no unused food is coming back with you.

4. Invest in a blow up mattress – this will change the way you feel about camping. Waking up after a comfortable sleep will have you ready for an awesome day.

5. Keep all your camping materials in what I like to call “Camping Container”. This will save you time packing for your camping trip.

Follow these tips and I promise you, you, your friends and family will fall in love with camping!

Comment below on what your favourite camping tips is!

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