School’s out for the summer! Wait, is that saying not in anymore? Oh well, doesn’t matter… School is out and summer is here! The day has finally come to pack away your school stuff, move out of your dorm and move back home for the summer.

For university and college students a 4 month summer is glorious. Its a perfect break to see old friends, have family BBQ’s, travel, or work to make a bit of money for the upcoming school year.

You may be wondering, how and where will you put your stuff from your dorm room for the summer? Your answer is here! Pack and Store has an incredible promotion for students. They are now offering their student customers to store their dorm room furniture for the summer time for only $595.00 (lock included)! All you need is your student ID, and you are set to store your belongings in the most convenient way possible.

Our 5X8X7 container is a perfect size unit to store your dorm furniture for the summer. Think that size won’t be big enough? No need to fret, our 5X8X7 containers are able to fit contents of a bachelor apartment, common, isnt that just perfect?

You do not want to miss this amazing promotion! Pack and Store wants to help you make your move out of school as easy as possible so you can start enjoying your summer. Hurry now, summer will be over before you know it!

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