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20 May 2015
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School’s out for the summer! Wait, is that saying not in anymore? Oh well, doesn’t matter… School is out and summer is here! The day has finally come to pack away your school stuff, move out of your dorm and move back home for the summer.

For university and college students a 4 month summer is glorious. Its a perfect break to see old friends, have family BBQ’s, travel, or work to make a bit of money for the upcoming school year.

You may be wondering, how and where will you put your stuff from your dorm room for the summer? Your answer is here! Pack and Store has an incredible promotion for students. They are now offering their student customers to store their dorm room furniture for the summer time for only $595.00 (lock included)! All you need is your student ID, and you are set to store your belongings in the most convenient way possible.

Our 5X8X7 container is a perfect size unit to store your dorm furniture for the summer. Think that size won’t be big enough? No need to fret, our 5X8X7 containers are able to fit contents of a bachelor apartment, common, isnt that just perfect?

You do not want to miss this amazing promotion! Pack and Store wants to help you make your move out of school as easy as possible so you can start enjoying your summer. Hurry now, summer will be over before you know it!

5 May 2015
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Camping Season is Upon Us!!

The time is almost here! What time you may ask? Well, it’s almost time for CAMPING season! Every year, some friends and I organize a camping trip for the May long weekend. What better way to welcome the warmer temperatures and the summer months than spending it outdoors for the first long weekend of the summer.

Camping may not be everyones favorite outdoor activity, but it sure is mine. Spending the weekend outdoors with no electricity or hot water; just you, your camping equipment, and the wilderness.

Here are some important tips to enjoy the most out of your camping trip:

1. Familiarize yourself with what the poisonous plants look like:

  • Poison Oak

  • Poison Ivy

2.  Add bundles of sage or sprinkle sage flakes  to a campfire to keep mosquitoes away

3.  Plan your meals ahead of time – this will ensure that no unused food is coming back with you.

4. Invest in a blow up mattress – this will change the way you feel about camping. Waking up after a comfortable sleep will have you ready for an awesome day.

5. Keep all your camping materials in what I like to call “Camping Container”. This will save you time packing for your camping trip.

Follow these tips and I promise you, you, your friends and family will fall in love with camping!

Comment below on what your favourite camping tips is!

17 Apr 2015
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FamILY – Fam(I Love You)

How important is your family to you? To most, family is the most important aspect of their lives. Family sticks together through the good and the bad times. We grow with our family, we learn with our family and love with our family. But, what defines the word “family”? and what does being a part of a family mean? To most, the word family means a group of biological Mother, Father, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents who come together a handful of times a year to celebrate the love we have for each other.

The true meaning of family is one person who loves another enough to call them family. In the modern day the word family has been bounced around and is no longer used in the traditional sense. Friends, pets, co-workers are now being classified as family. Many people consider friends to be as close or even closer than their extended family. Some friends are so close that they grow their lives together and in the end calling each other their second family.

Family can mean just two people who are madly in love or a single person with two cats. Pets can become family members very easily. For couples who are unable to conceive or choose not to have children, pets can be a replacement and be loved as much or even more than children.

This past Friday, April 10th, 2015 Aaron and his family welcomed a beautiful baby boy. Adrian Ryu Baksh was born at 8:40pm weighing 7lbs 5oz, Aaron cannot be more thrilled to watch is little boy grow up with his beautiful daughter. Family to Aaron is the most important aspect of his life, he can’t wait to grow old with his new family.

Regardless of how you choose to define your family, the definition of family is what it means to you. Whether it maybe with your parents, family, or pets. You choose who your family members are, love your family and they will love you for a lifetime.

17 Apr 2015
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Top Tips for Loading your Pack and Store Container

  1. Please do not overload your container. Each container can hold no more than 2000 pounds. Any heavier and our drivers cannot safely pick up the container.
  2. Balance your load by evenly distributing items such as appliances & heavy furniture in both the rear & also the front of the Container
  3. Pack heavier items on the bottom so they create a “base” for lighter and more fragile items on top.
  4. Fill spaces between the legs of tables and chairs & other such spaces with your smaller items to maximize space.
  5. If the container is not full, pack items at roughly the same height throughout, rather than having some areas packed much higher than others.
  6. Ensure all boxes are tightly packed and taped. Use smaller boxes for heavy items, such as books and larger boxes for lighter items, such as lamp shades, etc.
  7. Use blankets, beach towels, pillows or moving pads to protect furniture and electronics from scratches.
  8. Take advantage of the space in drawers for packing small or light items like photos, frames, small electronics etc.
  9. Whenever possible invert one chair upside down on top of another chair and use the space between the chair legs for smaller items.
  10.  Whenever possible take the legs off tables as this will protect the table and also create more space.



31 Mar 2015
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The Meaning Behind April Fools Day

Pack and Store delivery fee is $300+, APRIL FOOLS! As we all know, Pack and Stores delivery fee is a cost efficient $120.00 (GTA); what is April Fools day? Who started this crazy tradition? We wonder who is behind the days thats filled with jokes, tricks, and pranks.

History tells us that back in the 1500’s the classified “New Years Day” was celebrated on or around April 1st. In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII ordered a new calendar to replace the old “Julian Calendar” and told the French to celebrate New Years Day on January 1st. Many people either refused to accept the new date, or did not want to learn about it, and continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on April 1st. Others began to make fun of these people and would send them on foolish errands or would trick them into believing something that is false. Hense, April Fools Day was made!

April Fools Day is a day to bring out your funny side, its a day to put a smile on someone elses face. Whether it may be plastic wrap on the toilet seat, butter on the door handles, or a couple classic jokes; its all for the fun in the end.

To all the comedians out there, tomorrow is the day, go out there and make someone smile!


7 Mar 2015
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Out with the old, in with the new!

Hibernation has been the only way us “Torontoarians” have gotten through this dreadful winter, it has come to easy for us to curl up by the fire, wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket with a coffee on hand. The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer but I ask myself; am I ready for spring? Am I ready to start spring cleaning?

Spring showers bring May’s flowers, the smell of spring is in the air! Why not have your home smelling like spring too? Spring cleaning is coming with a bang this season, many of us store or keep miscellaneous items around the house because a) it is too cold outside to throw anything out and b) we have this unnecessary need to keep everything just in case you will need it in the future.  Spring cleaning has become so necessary to organize what winter has left us, making room for the spring and summer seasons.

Cleaning does need to be a chore; here are some quirky tips on how to make your spring cleaning easy and fun!

1)      Clean a dirty unclean toilet with Coca-Cola – this may sound very strange but the carbonation in Coca-Cola is great to clean any dirt in the toilet.

2)      Wipe down stovetops with wax – simply apply a thin layer of car wax of your choice and then wipe it off with a paper towel. Your stovetop will thank you.

3)      Clean your toaster – you will be surprised that Cream of Tartar with a bit of scrubbing will make cleaning your toaster less of a hassle.

4)      Clean your baseboards – Use fabric softener to get the dirt off your baseboards.

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be a task that seems to be never ending. Make a list, set dates and make your spring cleaning task fun this year!

Click here for more tips:

6 Feb 2015
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Super Bowl 2015!!

*sound of opening chip bag, *freshly cracked beer can, and the crowd aka couch goers going insanely wild.

It’s that time of the year again sport fans, time for the annual Super bowl XLIX! This year’s contenders happen to be the New England Patriots vs the Seattle Seahawks who are heading to the Phoenix, Arizona  Stadium going head to head for the Vince Lombardi trophy, title of champions, and of course ultimate bragging rights.

For men this is the time to let loose revealing their inner patriotic couples, and for women well who doesn’t like the sight of buff men in extremely tight leggings?

With the ladies I know that the half time show is what we all look forward too each year and Katy Perry’s performance blew Ashlee Simpsons half time show back in 2008 out of the water! Missy Elliot made a surprise performance that turned a regular half time show into a show that no one will forget.

Sunday was filled with excitement when they came out with a tie at half time! With only seconds left in the game the New England Patriots squeeze by with a win! New England fans screams fill the stadium as Quarterback Tom Brady lifts up the trophy with the rest of his team.

The super bowl brings out the competitive edge out in all of us; it has become the number 1 watched show in all of Canada and United States. Who will be in the finals next year? Who do you think will rock the half time show? I have a feeling that the new epidemic of Arianna Grande will take the stage.

17 Nov 2014
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Sports, Sports, Sports

Sports, sports, sports are always on the mind of Pack and Store employees. There is no better way to finish a hard working day than lounging on the couch with an ice cold beverage cheering on your favourite sport team (I believe it is in our Canadian blood).

This is an exciting month for sports because we have the NHL, NFL and Basketball going on all at the same time! There is never a dull moment at Pack and Store because there always seems to have an endless conversation on what team will take the win!

Our beloved Toronto Raptors are number one in their conference and are off to an amazing start at 8 wins and 2 losses! We are all cheering on the Toronto Raptors and looking forward to an amazing season this year.

As for our beloved hockey team the Maple Leafs are pulling through with 9 wins this season, keep it up leafs! Pack and Store bleeds blue and white and are hoping for a strong finish of all wins! Back in October, Aaron (Assistant Manager at Pack and Store) won our pumpkin carving competition and scored an incredible set of gold section hockey tickets to watch the Maple Leafs destroy the Washington Capitals on Saturday, November 29th. Aaron cannot be more thrilled to watch this game and cheer on Toronto’s favourite hockey team.

There are no winter blues here at Pack and Store we are keeping warm cheering our Toronto teams this year! Comment below to let us know what your favourite sport team is!

10 Nov 2014
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Pack and Store’s NEW Location!!

Pack and Store the lovely portable storage facility has moved to their very own building! They have planted down at 1399 Kennedy Road in Scarborough, Ontario, the facility is climate controlled to store all your belongings in a heated facility in the winter time and ventilated in the summer.

In the past couple months the Pack and Store team have been working around the clock to ensure their customers belongings are kept safe and moved to their new storage home. It’s hard to believe that Pack and Store moved 600 containers out of their old facility on Weston Rd in just a couple of months.

The new facility has been great for our Pack and Store team. Their facility is equipped to help you with your move. Pack and Store wants your move to be a one-stop shop which includes a showroom of moving and packing supplies and they now rent U-Haul trucks, from Cargo Vans to 14’ trucks Pack and Store has got you covered for your easiest move yet!

Pack and Store has been at the Weston Rd facility for a couple of years and without them here has been a big change for our Weston Rd employees, we sure do miss everyone at Pack and Store and of course Antonio’s smoked meat!

The Pack and Store team has settled nicely at Kennedy Road, come by and say hello!

3 Nov 2014
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Strange Self-Storage Stories

We don’t like to talk about the weirder things people decide to put in storage, but it takes all kinds. Over the years we’ve read about some of the bizarre scenarios self storage operators have faced when unlocking an abandoned unit, and taken note of some of the more unusual items that consumers have chosen to save for a rainy day. For example: Grandma: Yes, it’s happened. While more than a few people have secured the ashes of a loved one or pet in a self storage unit, one family in Florida even decided to keep the casket containing their grandmother in a self storage unit. The remains were found when manager Kevin McKeon called the family to let them know their belongings were going to be auctioned off unless they paid their bill, which had gone long overdue. Indignant, the self storage tenant told Mr. McKeon he couldn’t possibly sell their stuff. As she explained quite sincerely, her mother “had told me on her deathbed that Grandma is in the storage unit.” It remains unclear whether criminal charges were filed. NASA rockets: A storage unit close to Florida’s Cape Canaveral was found to contain an old NASA rocket and countdown locking device by an auction buyer. Authenticated by an expert at the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale, the equipment had apparently been stored as memorabilia from the early days of the space program.


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