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31 Mar 2015
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The Meaning Behind April Fools Day

Pack and Store delivery fee is $300+, APRIL FOOLS! As we all know, Pack and Stores delivery fee is a cost efficient $120.00 (GTA); what is April Fools day? Who started this crazy tradition? We wonder who is behind the days thats filled with jokes, tricks, and pranks.

History tells us that back in the 1500’s the classified “New Years Day” was celebrated on or around April 1st. In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII ordered a new calendar to replace the old “Julian Calendar” and told the French to celebrate New Years Day on January 1st. Many people either refused to accept the new date, or did not want to learn about it, and continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on April 1st. Others began to make fun of these people and would send them on foolish errands or would trick them into believing something that is false. Hense, April Fools Day was made!

April Fools Day is a day to bring out your funny side, its a day to put a smile on someone elses face. Whether it may be plastic wrap on the toilet seat, butter on the door handles, or a couple classic jokes; its all for the fun in the end.

To all the comedians out there, tomorrow is the day, go out there and make someone smile!


8 Oct 2012
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All Canadian Self Storage E-Waste Event

On behalf of everyone at all our Toronto Locations and Toronto Recycling, we want to thank all those who came out this Saturday and dropped off their used electronics, batteries, phones etc all in support of Sick Kids Hospital and Camp Bucko. The response was wonderful and we hope to be able to do this again in the near future.

20 Jul 2012
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Welcome New Team Member Jaqueline Bressan

Pack and Store is proud to welcome Jaqueline Bressan as the newest team member or our family.
Jaqueline hails from Brazil and has degrees in International Business and Logistics Management.
Here she is at our Scarborough Location BBQing Brazillian “Picanha” Steaks for the staff. She will be working out of our new location on Weston Road soon enough, but according to Milan she can come to Scarborough anytime.

16 Jul 2012
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Pack and Store Supports the Arts

Pack and Store is proud to be a sponser of the the Guild Festival Theatre in Scarborough. Check out the details below.

Guild Festival Theatre celebrates TWO anniversaries
on the open-air Greek Stage in Scarborough, presenting
Sam Moses* and Adrian Gorrissen* in

Clouds over T.O.

Freely after Aristophanes’ The Clouds
Adapted by Sten Eirik
With original songs and music by David Buchbinder

TICKETS: 416-220-8174


10 May 2012
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Rotary Club and the Food Bank

At the end of last year I became a member of The Rotary Club of Scarborough
( Each week we get together and have lunch, listen to guest speakers and help out our (scarborough) community as well too on a global level ie: Rotary is committed to ending Polio worldwide.
Since joining, Pack and Store and I have been able to do our part by donating funds so that Sports Equipment could get out to the Aboriginals in Northern Ontario and sponsering a student to participate in Camp Enterprise, a camp started over 35 years ago. (For more details visit: Also Pack and Store will be a proud sponser of the Scarborough Ribfest in August – one of the best and biggest in the GTA.Today I helped out with donating and bringing food and supplies to the St. Boniface Food Bank in Scarborough.They help and service over 100 families in the Markham and Kingston Road area; The Food Bank is in high demand from needy families in this local community and there are times when the shelves are nearly bare. Luckily with the generous support of the Rotary Club we were able to bring two car loads of supplies as well as cash donations so the Church could buy more vouchers and much needed items to help the community.
If you would like to donate to the St. Boniface Food Bank they are located at: 21 Markanna Drive Toronto, ON
(416) 261-9092
or you can drop off any donations to All Canadian Self Storage at 135 Beechgrove Drive, Scarborough, Ont. and we will be happy to deliver them to the food bank. Should you have any questions please feel free to call me personally at 416-208-0188.

Stacey Scher


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