Pack and Store’s NEW Location!!

Pack and Store the lovely portable storage facility has moved to their very own building! They have planted down at 1399 Kennedy Road in Scarborough, Ontario, the facility is climate controlled to store all your belongings in a heated facility in the winter time and ventilated in the summer.

In the past couple months the Pack and Store team have been working around the clock to ensure their customers belongings are kept safe and moved to their new storage home. It’s hard to believe that Pack and Store moved 600 containers out of their old facility on Weston Rd in just a couple of months.

The new facility has been great for our Pack and Store team. Their facility is equipped to help you with your move. Pack and Store wants your move to be a one-stop shop which includes a showroom of moving and packing supplies and they now rent U-Haul trucks, from Cargo Vans to 14’ trucks Pack and Store has got you covered for your easiest move yet!

Pack and Store has been at the Weston Rd facility for a couple of years and without them here has been a big change for our Weston Rd employees, we sure do miss everyone at Pack and Store and of course Antonio’s smoked meat!

The Pack and Store team has settled nicely at Kennedy Road, come by and say hello!

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