3 Nov 2014
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What to Put in Self-Storage, What to Leave Out

It’s important to remember the few items that don’t do well in a self storage unit. After all, the safety of your belongings and those of others at our facility is paramount. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of our experienced storage consultants for not only guidance on what you can keep, but advice in finding an alternative location for any materials that aren’t suitable for All Canadian Self Storage. Vehicles and Extra Tires: Many consumers choose to store an extra car or truck in a self storage unit. Clean, dry and protected from the elements, it’s a great way to preserve a costly investment or collectible. Nevertheless, we recommend ensuring your vehicle remains in operable condition at all times, with no leaks or other issues that make it un-driveable.

14 Aug 2014
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2nd Annual Cigar/BBQ Party – September 18th, 2014

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to those that know Hal Spradling that he loves to be involved and help where he can in his community. Hal brings this love of community support to his company, All Canadian Self-Storage, and by extension all of the team members. There are numerous organizations around the GTA that Hal and his team have raised funds and awareness for over the last decade.
One of the many community charities that All Canadian Self Storage has raised money for is Frontlines Community Centre. Frontlines Community Centre is a wonderful organization; they help the youth with before and After School activities, such as breakfast programs and organized afterschool activities.

31 Jul 2014
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Above and Beyond!

In this issue we are recognizing Aaron Baksh (Assistant Manager for Pack and Store). This past Sunday around 9:30am our driver Fahad called in a panic when he was using the moffett to take one of two containers off the truck; one of the hoses came undone and hydraulic fluid was pouring out on the customers drive way. Fahad knew what had to be done and he began cleaning the oil as much as he could.

He called Aaron (this being Aarons day off) to come help him out as the Moffett was unable to be operated, there were no questions asked and Aaron was on his way. When Aaron arrived almost all of the oil was cleaned up but the customer wasn’t very happy.

25 Jun 2014
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Helping Out Our Community the Best Way We Know How!

What a better way to celebrate a beautiful summer afternoon than to help out with a great cause! On June 30th, 2014 Pack and Store will be donating two of their containers to the Town of Richmond Canada Day Food Drive happening at the Richmond Green Park! The containers will be filled up with the community’s donations and our drivers will than deliver the containers full of non perishable food items to the local food bank.

This isn’t the only time Pack and Store donated their 5X8X7 container to help a community. From The Friends of Beltline, Willow Breast Cancer, Second Base Youth Centre, Vaughan/Woodbridge Run for the Cure; the donations will not stop now!

12 Feb 2014
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Pack and Store Q&A!









1. What is Mobile Storage?
Mobile storage is a fusion of self-storage and moving, where we take out the hassle of truck rentals and movers and provide storage right at your front door.

2. Why use Pack and Store and not another mobile storage company?
A unique container size that can go anywhere in the city makes us more convenient for customers who have small or no drive ways. We want you assure you that you are only paying for the size that you use.

3. How big are your containers?
Our containers are 5X8X7.

4. How fast is the rental process?
We want to make our rental process fast and easy for our customers.

15 Jan 2014
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What time of Year Should I Use Mobile or Self-Storage?

Any time of the year is appropriate to use self-storage or mobile storage. It all comes down to when you prefer to use it. It could always happen when you randomly need storage because of certain situations and that’s fine. Pack and Store is here to help you any time of the year. Pack and Store partners with All Canadian Self-Storage, offering two different services. If you are considering self-storage in the winter time just remember this; ACSS offers indoor storage keeping you warm and toasty while moving your belongings from a truck to your unit. Pack and Store offers mobile containers that get dropped off at your residence for you or your bulky son to move your belongings from your house to your drive way, very fast and easy.

10 Jan 2014
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What Not to Store in a Mobile Container

There are so many items that can be stored in a self-storage unit. Boxes, bags, furniture, toys and the list can go on and on. Many of us have probably thought it ourselves and that question is; what should not be stored in a mobile storage container? The first thing that comes to mind is your in-laws, yes; we know that you are trying to avoid having that annual dinner with them but I don’t know how long they will last in a 5X8X7 container or maybe you are having a fight with your significant other. I’m sorry to say but he/she will have to stay with you tonight to work things out; after all, a happy wife makes a happy life.

3 Jan 2014
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How Can I Move Without Spending Too Much Money

Are you looking to move but don’t want to pay and arm and a leg to do it? Moving day is a day that many of us will encounter in our life time and many of us have the same questions when it comes to moving. One of the most asked questions is, “which is the most cost effective way to move? Too hire movers, do it myself or make a combination and use portable/mobile storage?” Moving overall can be expensive. At Pack and Store we want you to choose the better and smarter route by using mobile storage for all your moving needs. At Pack and Store we deliver containers to your residence that you fill up for a delivery and pick up fee that is much less than our average moving company.

18 Dec 2013
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What Do I Need to Pack my Home

Everyone who has moved before knows the stress of moving and the importance of having your belongings organized. Everyone wants to have their move be a easy and clean one. First time movers don’t be alarmed, Pack and Store has got you covered. Taking the right steps will make your move a breeze.
The question that is frequently asked is “What do I need to pack my Home?” To make your move more efficient, having the right moving supplies are key. This should be the first step before your big move; boxes should be on the top of your list, All Canadian Self-Storage and Pack and Store have a large supply of boxes that vary in different sizes.

10 Dec 2013
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What is the Best Way to Move?

Mobile storage can be a huge help when renovating, de-cluttering and moving. Pack and Store often have customers who are home stagers, restaurant owners, Real Estate Agents, and so much more. Pack and Store makes mobile storage simple; they drop off a 5x8x7 container at your residence, you fill it up and you have an option either to leave it on your driveway or have it moved to our facility in Toronto. Once you have completed your move or your renovation we will bring back your container for you to unload into your home/business. Pack and Store caters to all potential customers in the GTA, their smaller containers make it more accessible around Toronto.


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