Super Bowl 2015!!

*sound of opening chip bag, *freshly cracked beer can, and the crowd aka couch goers going insanely wild.

It’s that time of the year again sport fans, time for the annual Super bowl XLIX! This year’s contenders happen to be the New England Patriots vs the Seattle Seahawks who are heading to the Phoenix, Arizona  Stadium going head to head for the Vince Lombardi trophy, title of champions, and of course ultimate bragging rights.

For men this is the time to let loose revealing their inner patriotic couples, and for women well who doesn’t like the sight of buff men in extremely tight leggings?

With the ladies I know that the half time show is what we all look forward too each year and Katy Perry’s performance blew Ashlee Simpsons half time show back in 2008 out of the water! Missy Elliot made a surprise performance that turned a regular half time show into a show that no one will forget.

Sunday was filled with excitement when they came out with a tie at half time! With only seconds left in the game the New England Patriots squeeze by with a win! New England fans screams fill the stadium as Quarterback Tom Brady lifts up the trophy with the rest of his team.

The super bowl brings out the competitive edge out in all of us; it has become the number 1 watched show in all of Canada and United States. Who will be in the finals next year? Who do you think will rock the half time show? I have a feeling that the new epidemic of Arianna Grande will take the stage.

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