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#we move you - pack and store will move you and store your stuff for 5 months for only $595, insurance and lock included.
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May 20, 2015

School’s out for the summer! Wait, is that saying not in anymore? Oh well, doesn’t matter… School is out and summer is here! The day has finally come to pack away your school stuff, move out of your dorm and move back home for the summer.

For university and college students a 4 month summer is glorious. Its a perfect break to see old friends, have family BBQ’s, travel, or work to make a bit of money for the upcoming school year.

You may be wondering, how and where will you put your stuff from your dorm room for the summer? Your answer is here! Pack and Store has an incredible promotion for students.

How Self-Storage Containers Work

Pack and Store is a mobile self-storage solution that is more convenient than a traditional public self-storage service that relies on you to transport goods to a warehousing facility. Pack and Store delivers a container directly to your location and returns it to a secure, heated warehouse facility at a pre-scheduled time.


Doorstep Convenience – Warehouse Secure!
When you are ready to have your belongings returned, Pack and Store will return your container to the location of your choice within the Greater Toronto Area.

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